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From Steve Blom <>
Subject [digester] ref another part of xml
Date Tue, 09 Nov 2004 21:05:05 GMT
First off, thxs so much for your help Reid! But, yet
another question :-)  Would it be possible to have a
reference pointer attribute to grab an object from
outside that element. Hard to put in words, but
hopefully you can catch on with the example.
<person id="Jon">
<person id="Sue">
Now, when when i come across the family-member, I want
to use the person-ref-id to grab the person object
that is described earlier and set it. Is this possible
with Digester? If so, any restrictions(Jon has to come
before sue in xml). I need to be able to describe a
person within a person, or have a person-ref that
points to another person element in the xml. Kinda the
same as
<person id="Sue">
  <person id="Jon">
Any suggestions on the best way to do this?
Thanks - Steve

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