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From info <>
Subject [VFS] How to resolve all local files relative to a chroot dir ?
Date Sun, 07 Nov 2004 13:42:50 GMT
Hi all,

is there anyone can give me some hints how to resolve all absolute
and relative paths versus a chroot (jail) directory with VFS ?

Of course only for the "file://" and "tmp://" schemes.

Ex. having as jail "file://myJail"

      "file://myDir/myFile.txt"  -->  "file://myJail/myDir/myFile.txt"

     "../../myDir/myFile.txt"  -->  "file://myJail/myDir/myFile.txt"

FileName.getRelativeName() doesn't make this job...

I can't realize it reading the api docs.
Maybe creating a FileSystem ?

Thanks in advance


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