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From Simon Kitching <>
Subject Re: [digester] Books/examples?
Date Tue, 09 Nov 2004 20:56:26 GMT
Hi Steve,

If you download the source distribution for Digester release 1.6.0, you
will find some examples in the src/examples directory. These should be
more readable than the unit tests, and are intended to demonstrate all
the basic features of commons-digester.

If there is anything about the examples that you find unclear or
incomplete, please email suggestions to this list so that the problem
can be addressed...

I think a book on the subject of java<->XML mapping techniques would be
a great idea for someone to tackle, with Digester given a couple of
chapters. I can't see Digester making sufficient material for a
dead-tree publication all by itself. There was a fellow asking questions
about various commons projects a while ago, with the intention of
writing a book on jakarta-commons. I haven't heard anything since,
though, so I guess the project sunk...



On Wed, 2004-11-10 at 08:08, Reid Pinchback wrote:
> I haven't seen a book out there with really
> significant Digester coverage, typically just some
> brief mentions and urgings that you use it.  I've been
> pulling together some notes for a book over the last
> several months, but lately contractor life has been
> intruding.  Not sure how much demand there would be
> for a Digester book, but figured it would be a fun
> experience even if it wasn't a money-maker.  If I make
> more headway, I may end up scouting for reviewers to
> point out the flaws in my writing.
> For now, there is some decent material in the javadocs
> and the unit tests of the source distribution.  Not
> enough to learn everything about Digester, but enough
> to get rolling on the simpler aspects.  If you haven't
> looked at the unit tests, I'd recommend starting
> there.  I'd also recommend looking at the Struts
> source, since it makes good use of the Digester for
> reading the struts-config.xml and tiles files.
> --- Steve Blom <> wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I'm new to using digester and was curious if their
> > are
> > any books or other sources that have examples/more
> > docs on digester?
> > 
> > Thanks - Steve
> > 
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