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From Oleg Kalnichevski <>
Subject RE: [HTTPClient] MethodRetryHandler.retryMethod() returned false
Date Mon, 08 Nov 2004 19:28:06 GMT
>   Everything seems to fall in-line, with
> the exception of this Connection being dropped during log-in.  Let me know
> if you would like to take a glimpse at the code I have to make sure I'm not
> pulling some newbie-related error.


I doubt this a newbie-related error, as the server drops the connection
instead of reporting back a status code. Anyways, It would probably be
more productive to post the wire/context log of the HTTP transaction in
question. Be warned, though, should you decide to do so, you ought to
carefully examine the log and obfuscate every single 'Authorization'
header containing user credentials prior to posting the log to this list

For details please refer to the HttpClient logging guide:

>   If you have any experience with working
> through any stubborn e-commerce sites like this in order to get them
> working, I would definitely appreciate those pointers.

The failure-proof strategy is to capture HTTP packets transmitted and
received by the browser using a traffic analyzer (such as ethereal) or a
proxy (such as tcpmon of Apache Axis) and than mimic the observed
behavior using HttpClient. Since the site you are targeting employs SSL
HTTPS over, proxy appears to be your only resort.


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