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From (Oliver Heger)
Subject Re:[configuration] Question on save configuration using commons-configuration
Date Sat, 09 Oct 2004 09:46:06 GMT
Hello Tao,

there have recently been a couple of changes in [commons-configuration] 
related to a consistent handling of load() and save() methods across 
file based configuration classes. Some of the problems you encountered 
are probably caused by bugs that have been corrected in the mean time. 
So first of all you should update to the latest version, which is RC 2.

To your first experiment: You are correct that CompositeConfiguration 
concentrates on gathering configuration sources, but does not have much 
support for saving. A workaround is to cast the Configuration object 
returned by ConfigurationFactory to a CompositeConfiguration and 
directly to access the Configuration objects contained in the composite 
(using the getConfiguration(int index) method), cast them to the correct 
sub type and then call their save() methods. This should work.

To your second experiment: I am a bit confused because 
HierarchicalXMLConfiguration does not provide a save() method at the 
moment. Do you mean XMLConfiguration? Well, the FileNotFoundException 
thrown by save() methods of XMLConfiguration were caused by  a bug that 
has been fixed. So an update to the newest version will probaby help. 
For HierarchicalXMLConfiguration I have written a patch that implements 
a save() method, but that has not been applied yet.

I hope I could help you. The official place for obtaining information 
about Jakarta commons components and putting questions is the commons 
user mailing list (which I have CCed). You should subscribe at this 
list. Maybe there are further replies to this posting.


Tao Wang wrote:

>Dear Mr. Heger:
>My name is Tao Wang. I am trying to use commons-configuration to load and update XML configuration
data. I got some problems when trying to save configuration. I can't find good examples over
the Internet. I found your name inside the javadoc, and wondering if you don't mind give me
some help or sample code for me to follow. 
>Basically, I did two experiments. First, I created a parent xml file that includes two
configuration xml files. I created a Configuration using ConfigurationFactory, which returns
a reference to Configuration. Reading the configuration data has no problem. But I can't save
it, because the save() method is not defined in Configuration interface. Do I have to cast
the reference to a child class that has save methods? In addition, since I load the data from
two different xml files, I don't know how data can be saved into right files. Is that possible?
If so, how?
>My second experiment is to directly use HierarchicalXMLConfiguration class to load one
configuration xml file. I have no problem to load the data. But I still can't call any of
the save() methods. I got exception indicating that the file is not found. But I load the
file successfully! If I tried to save it to another file, the exception said that it can't
save to the file without giving a reason, though the file is actually created. Could you probably
show me how to do the saving with HierarchicalXMLConfiguration class?
>Your generous care and help would be greatly appreciated!
>Best Regards,
>Tao Wang

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