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From robert burrell donkin <>
Subject Re: [Betwixt] Mapping Beans to Beans
Date Sun, 03 Oct 2004 22:19:06 GMT
On 29 Sep 2004, at 04:11, Brian Pugh wrote:

> I know this thread is a few weeks old, but I just came across it and I 
> find myself needing exactly this kind of a framework for mapping beans 
> to beans.  I am very "enthused by this idea" and would be willing to 
> actively participate on a project to create such a framework.  Robert, 
> are you implying that this is something you might see being done as an 
> apache project?


it depends.

this kind of thing would definitely fit well within the commons. 
however, successful commons components do require a critical mass of 
ASF committer energy. sometimes, it can be easier to build a community 
elsewhere where the rules are different. i don't really have the spare 
energy to push this through the sandbox by myself.

> Would others be interested in such a project if an attempt was made to 
> create one?

that's the big question :)

anyone else interested in this one?

(maybe we need to raise this at the general level.)

- robert

> -Brian
> robert burrell donkin <> wrote:
> (apologies for being very late to this party, i've not been too well
> recently)
> not that i know of but it sounds like the kind of crazy tool that
> really needs to exist!
> i'm sure that this kind of thing has lots of potential uses out there.
> mix in a few functors and you'd have a really cool transformation
> engine.
> there are times when folks are more than a little frustrated by
> beanutil's lack of expressiveness when it comes to mapping presentation
> to domain objects. reflection is slow but isn't usually the bottleneck
> in typical applications. if it is, then there are plenty of cool ways
> to fix it now (generate either source or bytecodes).
> anyone else out there enthused by this idea?
> - robert
> On 13 Aug 2004, at 22:02, Garsombke, Franz wrote:
>> I know that Betwixt is very good at mapping XML to Beans. Is there a
>> way
>> to use it for mapping beans to beans? If not, does anyone know of a
>> tool
>> that allows for an XML mapping of one bean to another bean?
>> Thanks in advance.
>> Franz.
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