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From Martin Cooper <>
Subject [FileUpload] An update for Mac users
Date Sun, 17 Oct 2004 01:57:26 GMT
I've applied a patch that fixes bugs #30061 and #23229, related to FileUpload 
failing for uploads from IE5 on Mac OS9. This issue has been outstanding for 
some time, so I'm happy to finally have a fix that does not impact performance. 
This change _may_ also change bug #25598.

While I've done extensive testing to ensure that this change does not break 
FileUpload on Windows, I don't have access to a Mac with OS9 on it to verify 
that there are no further problems on that platform. So if any of you who _do_ 
have such systems could pick up the 20041017 nightly build of FileUpload and 
check it out, that would be much appreciated. Note that you will also need the 
nightly build of Commons IO, since recent fixes have also been made with the 
help of classes from that component.

If someone who has run across bug #25598 could try out this build also, that 
would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Martin Cooper

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