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From Dion Gillard <>
Subject Jelly 1.0 Beta 4 Release
Date Fri, 10 Sep 2004 01:39:52 GMT
The commons-jelly team is pleased to announce the commons-jelly 1.0-beta-4 

The distributions are currently available at:;O=D
and will be available on the usual mirrors soon.

Jelly is a Java and XML based scripting engine. Jelly combines the best ideas 
from JSTL, Velocity, DVSL, Ant and Cocoon all together in a simple yet 
powerful scripting engine. 

Changes in this version include:

  New Features:

o Handle JVMs that return null for getClass().getClassLoader() Issue: 
o Run a script from an input source Issue: JELLY-108. Thanks to Maarten 
o Thread safety of tag support Issue: JELLY-113. Thanks to Gary Franklin. 
o Add var to break tag Issue: JELLY-115. Thanks to Felipe Leme. 
o Add exceptionVar to invoke and invokeStatic Issue: JELLY-116. Thanks to 
  Felipe Leme. 

  Fixed bugs:

o Default XMLOutput to not escape XML Issue: JELLY-66. Thanks to Knut 
o jelly can't resolve vars with dots (.) in the name, in function calls 
  Issue: JELLY-87. 
o Source compiles with JDK 1.5 
o No exceptions silently swallowed Issue: JELLY-25. 
o Attribute corruption when dealing with converting attributes that include 
  namespaces Issue: JELLY-47. 
o Windows path in build.xml Issue: JELLY-103. Thanks to Ralph Apel. 
o Mention swing directory in docs Issue: JELLY-71. Thanks to David Eric Pugh. 
o The "items" attribute of a "forEach" tag can contain a comma-separated 
  String Issue: JELLY-98. Thanks to Joerg Schaible. 
o Allow useBean subclasses to ignore certain properties and ignore bad 
  properties Issue: JELLY-120. 
o Documentation fixes for Invoke and ForEach Issue: JELLY-58. 
o Bad entity processing Issue: JELLY-28. Thanks to Hans Gilde. 
o Can't set inherit or export to false for Include tag Issue: JELLY-73. 
  Thanks to Scott Howlett. 
o Remove sandbox and fix some dependencies to use groupId/artifactId Issue: 
  JELLY-117. Thanks to Dennis Lundberg. 

  Removed features:

o Back out patch as it breaks define taglibs Issue: JELLY-85.  

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