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From "Ricardo Trindade" <>
Subject [Validator] trouble using commons-validator without struts
Date Tue, 14 Sep 2004 08:30:41 GMT

	I' having troubles using commons-validator (latest release, also tried
today's snapshot) without struts.

	Specifically I tried the code in CVS that can be reached through the FAQ
item :

	I couldn't understand why this examples uses Validators from the test
package, instead of using, for example, GenericValidator. I tried to change
the example to use GenericValidator, but validating my bean always fails.

	My XML (header removed):

		<validator name="inteiros"
classname="org.apache.commons.validator.GenericValidator" method="isInt"
methodParams="java.lang.String" msg=""/>
		<form name="ValidateBean">
			<field property="firstName" depends="inteiros"/>

Ricardo Trindade

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