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From "Esteban Lorenzano" <>
Subject RE: betwix help needed, can't make run a very simple app!
Date Wed, 01 Sep 2004 19:47:32 GMT
thanks for de answer... but the problem is still there :(
The "Races" bean is correct (btw, I also did some tests changing Collection types, and nothing).

The "Races" bean definition is here (as I said, it is a very simple bean):
public class Races {
    private ArrayList races = new ArrayList(11);

    public Races() {        
    public ArrayList getRaces() {
        return races;

    public void addRace(Race race) {

any idea?

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Asunto: Re: betwix help needed, can't make run a very simple app!

Does your Races bean have an adder of the correct form?  Should follow the pattern:
public class SomeBean {
    public <CollectionType> getFoo*();
    public void addFoo(<SingularType> foo);
See the "Using Adder Methods For Composite Properties" section at
for a full description.

Esteban Lorenzano <> wrote:
Hi all, 
Please, I need some help here. I have an application, and I want to
migrate all the configuration to xml, and parse with betwixt, but I
can't make work a very-very simple problem:
The xml to parse is: 

The code to parse is the following:

BeanReader beanReader = new BeanReader();
beanReader.registerBeanClass("races", Races.class);
beanReader.registerBeanClass("races/race", Race.class);
Races races = (Races)

The parsing is successful, and a "Races" object is created, but the
collection with races is empty :-(
What can be happening?

Thanks in advance,

Pd: sorry if my English is not cool... I'm not a speaker

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