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From robert burrell donkin <>
Subject Re: [Digester] [PATCH] SetPropertiesRule ignoreMissingProperty
Date Mon, 20 Sep 2004 22:00:19 GMT
On 19 Sep 2004, at 20:11, Gabriele Carcassi wrote:

> Hi Robert and Simon,

hi Gabriele

committed. many thanks.

> I finally found some time to work on what we discussed a couple of 
> weeks
> ago. I have extended the SetPropertyRule class to have the
> "ignoreMissingPropery" attribute. It's a boolean that tells the rule 
> whether
> it should fail if it can't find a property to set. The default is 
> true, to
> provide backward compatibility. I have also made sure it works with 
> ignored
> and changed attributes.


> I didn't do any work on the BeanUtils package in the end: I couldn't 
> get the
> unit tests to work... both CVS HEAD or latest src release. :-/ I just 
> test
> whether the property is writable. This should work with 
> BeanUtils>=1.6, so I
> didn't put a code check to see whether the correct version was being 
> used.

that sounds pretty reasonable. the maven descriptor has 1.6 as the 
required dependency so no change is needed there.

BTW beanutils compiles fine for me and all the tests run. i haven't 
noticed any gump nags so i'd say that it's most likely something in 
your configuration. beanutils uses maven only for reporting so you need 
to use the ant build.

> I created a set of 4 unit tests for the old and the new functionality. 
> All
> the other tests passed. I made the patch the least invasive, couple of
> things can be done more sensibly if you integrate (i.e. the top object 
> could
> be got once on top of the loop).

looks good :)

i made a few minor adjustments. i'm a little reluctant to throw 
runtimes from a deep library (such as digester) since they may produce 
nasty effects for components higher up the food chain. i don't see why 
we particularly need to catch an exception at that stage. if someone 
can come up with a good reason why we need to catch exceptions at that 
point, we could consider changing this later.

- robert

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