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From "Nation, Carey" <>
Subject RE: HttpClient cannot post Form like IE and Mozilla
Date Mon, 13 Sep 2004 14:28:20 GMT

Sometimes I find a website that gives an unexpected response. Usually I drop
HttpClient for the basic approach, but this time that did not work
too! Somehow HttpClient posts a form different than IE and Mozilla. How
exactly i do not know - but maybe I am just doing something wrong in these
particular cases.


We have a small container that one of the guys here developed.  One of the things that it
can do is bind a class to an http server.  I ran into what you're seeing.  I think so, anyway.
 After digging around and reading _How Tomcat Works_, I came to this conclusion.  I don't
know how or why it's built this way, but it seems to me that it is, and the tomcat book seems
to back it up.

When you do a post, there are essentially two hunks of data.  The headers and the post data
(parameters, etc) which come after.  This is different from a get where the parameters are
mixed in the header.  By using what seems to be a completely non-deterministic algorithm (I
suspect astrology), these two hunks of data can be combined into one big hunk or can come
in two separate ones, requiring a second read.

When I got inside the container code, I discovered that they were, quite sensibly, reading
the socket until there wasn't anything else to read.  Sometimes I got my post data, sometimes
I didn't.  I put in a second read when it was a post.  Sometimes I got my post data and sometimes,
when the post data was in the first hunk, the second read just hung.  So now I've got some
stupid "logic" in there that does the second read in a thread so that I can time it out if
there's nothing there.  That works.

I don't know if this actually helps with your problem, but maybe it will provide a little
insight into what may be going on...


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