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From Dan Yoder <>
Subject [jelly][jelly:xml] problem adding attributes to elements in jelly:xml
Date Tue, 14 Sep 2004 14:53:25 GMT
The following jelly xml is generating an exception. I've tried both 
Jelly:XML 20040613 and 1.0 in the Maven repository. I haven't been able 
to find an example so I'm not sure if perhaps I am misunderstanding the 
intent or usage of these tags. My goal is produce an element named 
"am:findById" with an attribute named "encodingStyle", i.e.

<am:findById encodingStyle="...">

I am trying to do this dynamically because the element name will 
ultimately be a variable, but I am still just trying to get the 
x:element / x:attribute combo to work correctly without that wrinkle. 
Here is the Jelly code fragment:

            <x:element name="am:findById" 

The exception I get is:

org.apache.commons.jelly.JellyTagException: ... : <x:attribute>
Cannot set the value of attribute: encodingStyle as we have already
output the startElement() SAX event

Any thoughts, ideas, places to look for further documentation. (For 
example, I am not sure where the Jelly:XML source is coming from ... )



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