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From Dan Yoder <>
Subject namespace / quote problem in Jelly
Date Mon, 13 Sep 2004 19:37:57 GMT
Jelly is stripping the trailing quote from namespace declarations when I 
try to output XML, as in:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<j:jelly trim="false" xmlns:j="jelly:core" xmlns:x="jelly:xml">
    <foo foo:bar="bar" xmlns:foo="">
        hello world

which, when run with the following code:

        File file = new File( "test-data/SOAP1.xml" );
        StringWriter writer = new StringWriter();
        XMLOutput buffer = XMLOutput.createXMLOutput( writer );
        JellyContext context = new JellyContext();
        context.runScript( file, buffer );
        String output = writer.getBuffer().toString();

returns the following XML (note the missing quote at the end of the 
namepsace delcaration:

    <foo xmlns:foo=" bar="bar">
        hello world

Please help!


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