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From Kedar Panse <>
Subject Re: HttpClient - Using To Log-In
Date Mon, 13 Sep 2004 03:52:56 GMT

I use it regularly for all types of things.  Are you using https?  You 
may have to use Easy/StrictSSLProtocolSocketFactory example given on 
HttpClient website.  Not sure what your problem could be from the 


Brant Hahn wrote:

>I've been trying off and on to use HttpClient to log-in to my brokerage
>account at Ameritrade to retrieve up-to-date details on my account there.  I
>have had no luck being able to log-in, even though it seems that all the
>right cookies are being set and all the form variables are begin posted via
>NameValuePair.  Has anyone tried using HttpClient to get into their
>accounts, specifically with financial sites where security is a bit
>tighter..?  If there are certain servers that HttpClient is unable to
>cooperate with, then please let me know.   Otherwise, I will see about
>finding the time to put my code on here to see if you guys might show me if
>I'm doing something wrong.

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