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From Bryce Fischer <>
Subject Re: ConvertUtils question
Date Thu, 09 Sep 2004 18:46:46 GMT
Scanning through the code, it appears it uses a singleton instance. 
Quoting from the javadocs for ContextClassLoaderLocal:

A value that is provided per (thread) context classloader. Patterned 
after ThreadLocal.

So the mechanism is similar to the ThreadLocal pattern, where an 
instance shared across a single thread. Given that, it appears that it 
is initialized when it's first accessed. When you register a new 
Converter class, it is substituted immediately.

Leandro Melo wrote:

>i understand that when i call ConvertUtils.register a
>register a new converter for some class, but i just
>don't get how exactly this is done.
>Does BeanUtils maintains a object in memory with all
>converter??? If so, when is this object initialized???

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