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From Paul Libbrecht <>
Subject Re: Jelly and a new beta release
Date Thu, 09 Sep 2004 13:43:11 GMT

I'm pretty sure the release of a beta will, itself, bring new 
interests. I've met quite many people, even in my little research 
community, which have considered jelly as a serious candidate but have 
stopped at some time or another because of the non-arriving release...

Jelly was a biest, at least from its maven aspect, and you have done 
quite a good job, I think, into making the jelly project in better 
shape for its build and overall exterior appearance. The amount of bugs 
left has been well reduced and I think we all have a better 
possibility, now, to go towards a release.

thanks for that!


Le 9 sept. 04, à 15:08, Dion Gillard a écrit :

> I'm figuring by the silence and lack of issues raised in Jira that you
> don't have the time / motivation to get back to us, or I did a bad job
> explaining where we're at with Jelly.
> I'll go ahead with the new beta release and we can always pick these
> issues up for the next beta or release.

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