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From Reid Pinchback <>
Subject Re: [Digester] Schema validation?
Date Sun, 12 Sep 2004 20:54:08 GMT

Is that something we could handle by using Maven?
What I'm thinking of is:

- have Maven maintain a small pool of parser
  libraries for the Digester build

- The Ant build script(s) could place a
  specific parser library on the front of
  the class path for unit tests.

- An Ant optional property could be used for 
  changing the choice of parser library.

- Maven could be used to periodically verify that
  each of its supported parsers resulted in passed

- If we ever want to support a new parser
  (e.g. the Minml support mentioned on Wiki), 
  we'd just add the necessary library to Maven.

- Users we don't use Maven would just get whatever
  Ant did by default, which would be to run the
  unit tests with whatever parser is found on the
  classpath (the way things work now).

- For some tests, like XSD tests, we'd probably
  need some way of indicating "don't even bother
  running the unit test for this parser - we
  already we know it doesn't work and never will".


--- robert burrell donkin
<> wrote:

> On 12 Sep 2004, at 01:01, Reid Pinchback wrote:
> >
> > Surprisingly, no unit test in the source
> exercising
> > this.
> it's tough to exercise parser-specific features
> reliably.

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