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From S Schrem <>
Subject Re: Jelly and a new beta release
Date Tue, 07 Sep 2004 16:29:29 GMT
[x] -1 - No, don't release! Here's why....

I've been developing with Jelly b3 (in isolation) for
a while and have encountered and fixed various
problems. These problems occur in the core
implementation, core tags, Swing Tags, etc. I admit
that I have not checked to see if these have been
resolved in the CVS version.

I'll list a few here as best I can in no particular

  Add to all occurences of code like:
      ClassLoader classLoader = this.getClass
().getClassLoader () ;
    the following
      if (classLoader == null)
        classLoader = ClassLoader.getSystemClassLoader
() ;
    as some JVMs (e.g. IBM's J9) return null if
SystemClassLoader was used, in that case add explicit
call to get SystemClassLoader

    Register ArgTag's converters with
ConvertUtilsBean's singleton.
    Use converters registered with ConvertUtilsBean's

    Fixed setExport

    runScript(), inherit flag seemed to clobber
existing variables

    doTag(), remover 'var' attribute so it doesnt get
passed to setBeanProperties
    Added a new 'ref' attribute which is
systematically set to the bean instance before tag
body is invoked.

    Refactored so that they share a new common parent
class AbstractComponentTag.
    Support layout constraints on contentPanes.

    doTag(), call invokeBody immdediately if 'class'
or 'action' attribute is specified.

    Made it actually work.
    Now supports java.awt.font.TextAttribute.

    Made it Java 1.3 compatible.

    Better parent widget management.
        WidgetTag used to be a class, I have made it
an interface, DefaultWidgetTag is a copy of the
original WidgetTag.
        DefaultWidgetTag has better parent widget

New Tags written:
    Improved bean creation and property getter and
setter tags that mirror 'core' tags.
    W3C DOM Document Tag
    more BorderTags
    ActionListenerTag, unlike, JellySwing ActionTag,
it adds itself to the immediate parent ComponentTag or
ArgTagParent if 'var' is not specified.
    JXPath tags (jXPathContext, jXPathIterator)
    FormAttachmentTag (swt/jface)

My number one request, jettison BeanUtils. It is slow
but more importantly, does not indicate that a method
has not been found via introspection (at least as used
by Jelly).

Make Jelly Java 1.3 compatible.

Add instance and static member access to JEXL.

    Should discern between variables with a value of
null and variables that don't exits.

    Better management of bean storage. i.e. It is up
to the subclass (in processbean, after invokeBody) to
decide whether to store the bean or insert in in the
tah hierarchy.

More controversial, have bean based tags look for a
parent BeanSource with a bean of the approriate type
rather that a parent Tag of a specified Type.
    This is what I have done in a set of parallel
'core' tags I have developed.


Again, I am not sure where Jelly b4 stands with
respect to the above, but should it be of interest, I
am willing to explain some of the above in more

--- Dion Gillard <> wrote:

> Ok,
> all known issues for beta-4 have been completed.
> I'd like to do a beta release in the next day or so.
> Please vote on
> the beta release:
> [ ] +1 - Yes release
> [ ] +0 - Release, I have minor issues which can
> wait....
> [ ] -1 - No, don't release! Here's why....
> On Tue, 31 Aug 2004 14:46:24 +1000, Dion Gillard
> <> wrote:
> > From JIRA there is one issue remaining for beta 4
> :
> > 
> >
> > 
> > which seems to be a dom4j related issue.
> > 
> > I'd like to do a new release of Jelly ASAP and
> start planning the next beta.
> > 
> > If anyone has bugs they'd like fixed for the beta
> or *urgent* new
> > functionality, please say so ASAP so we can
> finalize this release.
> > --
> >
> > 
> -- 
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