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From robert burrell donkin <>
Subject Re: digester: can SetPropertyRule warn on not found properties?
Date Sun, 12 Sep 2004 17:27:51 GMT
On 8 Sep 2004, at 00:03, Craig McClanahan wrote:


> If throwing exceptions in the setProperties() or copyProperties()
> methods are ever implemented in BeanUtils, this is going to have to be
> a feature that can be turned on and off, and default to off (for
> backwards compatibility).  It will totally break existing uses of
> these methods (such as the way that Struts uses them to populate form
> beans), where there is implicit reliance on the current silence when
> an HTTP parameter has a specified value but there's no corresponding
> form bean property.


this request seems to have come up fairly regularly, so maybe it's time 
to do something about it. i think the right approach (IIRC this was 
suggested by james a long while ago) would be to add a hook for 
subclasses allowing them to vary the response to an error.

- robert

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