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Subject [BeanUtils] setProperty() calls toString() when calling a converter
Date Tue, 17 Aug 2004 16:24:36 GMT
I have been registering new converters to deal with conversions between
strings and other types such as dates. Converters are triggered based on
the type of the destination property which is being set. This means that
even if i am setting a property of type "Date" with a value of type "Date"
it always gets passed through my registered date converter first. I only
wanted strings values to be passed through the converter. To get around
this i placed come checks in the converter to first check the type of the
value being passed in, so that dates would be ignored.
When using copyProperties() between two beans, the conversions worked fine
but when a colleague of mine was using BeanUtils.populate() we ran into
problems. He was trying to set a Date property with a Date value but it was
hitting the date converter and failing. Having looked at the source code
for BeanUtilsBean i found the following code in the setProperty() method

else if (getConvertUtils().lookup(value.getClass()) != null) {
                newValue = getConvertUtils().convert(value.toString(),

getConvertUtils().convert delegates to my date converter but passes it a
string. This means that my type checking in the converter fails. Why is is
set to behave like this when copyProperty() beahves as expected?



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