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From "Andrew Ferguson" <>
Subject RE: C# implementation of Jakarta-Commons
Date Wed, 04 Aug 2004 12:22:37 GMT
this is also my plan - am hoping that ikvm and the ClassPath project
mature enough to let me run my current java application on the .NET CLR
without changes.

I also like quite a lot of the changes they made from java for C# - it
seems they have made a few more concessions to C++ programmers, and made
a larger language as a result. I think delegates are meant to cover the
functionality you'd normally need inner classes for, and inner classes
seem to be one of the parts of java that have some very unpleasant
corners so am interested in this, also the absense of checked exceptions
seems like a change that could have a big impact (not sure which way..)

If the .NET CLR takes off in a big, and multi-platform, way (which afaik
it hasn't yet) then I guess porting existing java applications might
make sense. For projects like Nunit where there is an assumption that
the CLR is your main interest then a reimp seems appropriate. My
programs at the moment are on the other side - assuming that the JVM is
of main interest - but if ikvm and classpath allow them to run direct on
.NET then this is great news :) (distributing a JVM is a real pain)

>  my initial impressions suggest that the Java class libraries are both
more extensive, and better designed and organised than those in C#

I'm only vaguely aware of whats in the BCL, but this is still a
surprising statement.. a lot of the changes in C# seem to be motived
from experience of using Java and looking at what could be done better.
The j2se library has a fair number of deprecated methods, and other
time-earned scars that I'd assumed the BCL would have been able to avoid
these while retaining the uptodate (and adding some new) functionality?
the only thing that's really pleased me in the BCL is that you have
methods for copying and manipulating files directly - contract jave
where you have to either fiddle with streams, or use the slightly
bizarrely named transferTo on a nio Channel.

anyway, interesting times, interesting times.. :)

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From: Bart Read [] 
Sent: 04 August 2004 09:45
To: Jakarta Commons Users List
Subject: RE: C# implementation of Jakarta-Commons

Thanks, that's useful to know.  I must admit that I'm sitting on the
fence a bit regarding the merits of using cross-compilers.  The approach
taken by NUnit (= JUnit for .NET) was firstly a pretty much direct
transliteration from Java to C#, however they have now re-implemented
from scratch with C#.  I think C# has enough different language features
(properties, delegates, doesn't seem to support inner classes... let
alone anonymous etc) to justify doing this.

Incidentally, just to clarify, just because C# has these features
doesn't necessarily mean I'm a big fan of all of them: I happen to like
the simplicity of Java syntax.  Also, my initial impressions suggest
that the Java class libraries are both more extensive, and better
designed and organised than those in C#.

Regardless, I'll certainly take a look at ikvmc... certainly if it
allows quick access to some of the collections functionality lacking in
.NET then I'll be very happy.

Many thanks,

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