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From "Tim Reilly" <>
Subject RE: [FileUpload] new user, querying functionality? commons-fileupload
Date Wed, 25 Aug 2004 20:08:35 GMT

I know it doesn't help you currently, but I've been awaiting the SVG 1.2
specification (due for possible final status in the beginning of 2005.) The
spec has interfaces for sockets and file dialogs. My reading of the
specification gives me the impression that the all the functionality of the
Infomentum applet is possible in an SVG 1.2 Widget; plus SVG touts
accessibility advantages (although personally I've never tested svg with
screen readers.) Just something on the horizon. In fact, a "multiple"
attribute may be something to suggest to svg@w3 mailing list.
The infomentum applet is referenced here as well,
there is no dependency to M$. It's just that Infomentum only provided M$ and
Coldfusion sample files. Should email them and get on them to do more
update-to-date examples (j2ee, asp-dot net, php)
Why not make a proposal on commons-dev mailing list to add the functionality
of the infomentum applet as a /contrib optional/additional piece of
[FileUpload]? We would need to see about a code signing certificate. Then
you could contribute back, and possible get some help with it. Can or would
applets be able satisfy your accessibility requirements - though? The best
control I've seen is the MSN communities file/tree ocx (unfortunately its
not available for use on MSDN or anywhere that I know of.)
My guess is that you currently have script to add an additional input
type=file as needed. For accessibility you probably need a noscript section
that allows the user to request the same "add another file" server-side.
I don't know why the rfc didn't go with a multiple attribute - such as the
multiple attribute of the SELECT element, but oh well.

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