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From "Tim Reilly" <>
Subject RE: [FileUpload] new user, querying functionality? commons-fileupload
Date Tue, 24 Aug 2004 08:47:09 GMT
Hi David,

Given the brief outline of your requirements, personally and just my opinion I would look
at Jakarta-Slide or OpenCMS. I believe both could fulfill your requirements; although its
been 2 years since I evaluated OpenCMS (hopefully my memory isn't failing me on there's document
management and search features in addition to the "in-the-browser" editor.) I know Slide has
the features, slide-user mailing list is an excellent resource to find out more.

Back to your original question regarding FileUpload (caveat - I don't work on FileUpload -
just trying to help with what I know of it.) FileUpload is server component to efficiently
handle the base64 encoded stream the application server receives in a multipart/form-data
http post. AFAIK there's no client part; the most common use case is to have a html form tag
and onen or more input of type file:

<form name="myForm" action="" ENCTYPE="multipart/form-data" method="post">
<input type="file" name="myFile" size="25" value="">

I think if your looking for more advanced FileDialog than what you get with html's input type=file;
then you would look at signed applets or ActiveX controls. I used to use this one
with Coldfusion 4.5 application server, but I'd imagine tomcat works as well. There are a
bunch of these out there; maybe has open source open licensed one(s)?


One last note; the commons mailing list protocol is to prefix the email subject with the component
name as I've done here.

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