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From Qingxian Wang <>
Subject RE: HttpClient releaseConnection() problem
Date Tue, 24 Aug 2004 10:06:12 GMT
> Hi,
> I am using HttpClient 2.0.1 with JBoss-3.0.2_Tomcat-4.0.4.  
> I am using HttpClient to intercept the request from a Web browser to
> change some request headers and use the PostMethod to post the request
> contents to MicrosoftReport server.  Then, the reponse body
> (PostMethod.getResponseBodyAsStream()) from the MicrosoftReport server is
> written to response to the Web browser.
> The following is the problem I encountered:
> While reading from the InputStream object returned by
> PostMethod.getResponseBodyAsStream() and writing to a HttpServletResponse
> object, HttpClient releases HttpConnection and cause the response partly
> writtent to the browser. 
	I have set the socket time out to infinite by calling:
httpClient.setTimeout(0).  I cannot figure out what is wrong.  Could you
help me.



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