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From "Benkart Sascha (QI/SES1) *" <>
Subject [httpClient] ClassLoader problem
Date Mon, 30 Aug 2004 09:45:38 GMT

I'm using httpClient v2.0.1 with webMethods' Integration Server (IS). IS =
uses code units called packages to add functionality at runtime.
I add httpclient to a package and everytime I execute with SSL, I get a =
javax.crypto.Cipher ClassNotFoundException. IS uses its own =
JCE-implementation from company IAIK.=20
There's no problem to create a new Cipher object within my package, but =
within httpClient. I think there's a ClassLoader problem.

Is there a possibility to give the httpClient another ClassLoader? I =
only found instanciation of class Cipher in class NTLM, but I don't use =


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