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From Mariano Kamp <>
Subject Re: Jelly applicable? / Current Status? / Need help installing Jelly
Date Mon, 16 Aug 2004 18:11:41 GMT
Ok, it does work with the version from cvs. So the distributions seem
to be way outdated.

Anybody regarding the other two points?


On Mon, 16 Aug 2004 15:31:23 +0200, Mariano Kamp <> wrote:
> Hi,
>   [ Applicable? ]
>   we are currently planning to produce Swing GUIs dynamically from an
> XML stream. The stream will be created from the output of a rules
> engine.
> It schould contain semantical tags like wizard, page etc., not
> something along the lines of low-level components, like JButton etc.
> We want to produce HTML and Swing GUIs from the same markup.
>   What we've seen from Jelly so far looks great and for the Swing
> based GUIs we thought about using Jelly. Jelly should then read the
> XML stream and instantiate classes like Wizard, Page etc.
>   Afaik this is pretty close to what jelly-swing does, right? The only
> difference would be to instantiate semantically higher level
> components instead of
> the lower level Swing components?
>   [ Current Status? ]
>   As this technology seems to be at the heart of our solution we are
> also wondering what the current status of Jelly is? It doesn't seem to
> be too active lately and there doesn't seem to be an official release
> yet?
> Is it abandoned, just done, i.e. feature-complete but no release or
> kind of hibernating?
>   [ Problems during Installation ]
>   I tried to run jelly-swing, demo:swing, like explained here
>, but
> failed.
> First of all it says, that there are no binaries available for
> download and one should go for the cvs version.
> That doesn't work for me at the moment, as I am behind a paranoid
> corporate firewall. Fortunately there have been downloads available
> though and I got
> The file is dated 29-Jan-2004?!
>   When running "maven demo:swing" I get warnings telling me that
> javadoc-1.3 jar, jdbc-2.0.jar and more are not downloadable and the
> build cannot succeed
> because of this missing dependencies.
>   Running with "-X" I get the following error messages, saying the
> files are not where they are supposed to be:
> Attempting to download javadoc-1.3.jar.
> Getting URL:
> Received status code: 404
> File not found on one of the repos
>   I have to admit that I am new to Maven. Probably I messed something up here?
>   I am using JDK 1.4.2 on Windows and Maven 1.0 distributed as .exe.
>   Any ideas how to solve that? Any plans to update the downloads?
> Release plans?
> Cheers,
> Mariano

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