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From Mariano Kamp <>
Subject Jelly applicable? / Current Status? / Need help installing Jelly
Date Mon, 16 Aug 2004 13:31:23 GMT

  [ Applicable? ]

  we are currently planning to produce Swing GUIs dynamically from an
XML stream. The stream will be created from the output of a rules
It schould contain semantical tags like wizard, page etc., not
something along the lines of low-level components, like JButton etc.
We want to produce HTML and Swing GUIs from the same markup. 

  What we've seen from Jelly so far looks great and for the Swing
based GUIs we thought about using Jelly. Jelly should then read the
XML stream and instantiate classes like Wizard, Page etc.

  Afaik this is pretty close to what jelly-swing does, right? The only
difference would be to instantiate semantically higher level
components instead of
the lower level Swing components?

  [ Current Status? ]

  As this technology seems to be at the heart of our solution we are
also wondering what the current status of Jelly is? It doesn't seem to
be too active lately and there doesn't seem to be an official release
Is it abandoned, just done, i.e. feature-complete but no release or
kind of hibernating?

  [ Problems during Installation ] 

  I tried to run jelly-swing, demo:swing, like explained here, but
First of all it says, that there are no binaries available for
download and one should go for the cvs version.
That doesn't work for me at the moment, as I am behind a paranoid
corporate firewall. Fortunately there have been downloads available
though and I got
The file is dated 29-Jan-2004?!

  When running "maven demo:swing" I get warnings telling me that
javadoc-1.3 jar, jdbc-2.0.jar and more are not downloadable and the
build cannot succeed
because of this missing dependencies.

  Running with "-X" I get the following error messages, saying the
files are not where they are supposed to be:

Attempting to download javadoc-1.3.jar.
Getting URL:
Received status code: 404
File not found on one of the repos

  I have to admit that I am new to Maven. Probably I messed something up here?

  I am using JDK 1.4.2 on Windows and Maven 1.0 distributed as .exe.

  Any ideas how to solve that? Any plans to update the downloads?
Release plans?


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