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From Schalk Neethling <>
Subject Re: [FileUpload] new user, querying functionality? commons-fileupload
Date Fri, 27 Aug 2004 21:26:23 GMT
How many files do you want to upload at a time? I have had no problem 
uploading up to five at one time using either five file fields or 
reading a directories files and loading them as a list of tick boxes.

Tim Reilly wrote:

>Hi David,
>>    --
>>    Why not make a proposal on commons-dev mailing list to add
>>    the functionality of the infomentum applet as a /contrib
>>    optional/additional piece of [FileUpload]?
>>I will... if you confirm its the com.oreilly.servlet package I
>>should be asking about :-) It seems to fit the bill.
>>   We would need to
>>    see about a code signing certificate. Then you could
>>    contribute back, and possible get some help with it. Can or
>>    would applets be able satisfy your accessibility
>>    requirements - though?
>>I've tried reading the java accessibility code, but I'm no expert,
>>and it looks 'hard sums' :-)
>>  I've yet to find a java package with accessibility built in
>>from the ground up.
>>    --
>>    My guess is that you currently have script to add an
>>    additional input type=file as needed. For accessibility you
>>    probably need a noscript section that allows the user to
>>    request the same "add another file" server-side.
>>I've asked a colleague to check out my jscript, I'll let you know.
>I was just pointing to the com.oreilly.servlet package FAQ...last question
>"I want an applet client so I can upload a full directory of files (or some
>such thing). Where can I find that?
>Yes, see It's loaded with features
>like directory-at-a-time uploading. Tell them sent you!"
>I wasn't suggesting to use COS since the FileUpload functionality exists in
>Jakarta [fileupload]; I prefer the Jakarta version. It was just a reference
>to look at regarding java interoperability.
>I'll be away for a few weeks w/ intermittent email, but I like the idea of
>having a client/applet like Infomentum's in o.a.c.fileupload as a
>supplemental or contrib package, perhaps we can see about doing something
>Best Regards,
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Kind Regards
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