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From robert burrell donkin <>
Subject Re: specifying .betwixt file to use
Date Mon, 23 Aug 2004 20:51:22 GMT
On 23 Aug 2004, at 17:29, b p wrote:

> I had a similar requirement and started down the path of creating an 
> introspector that had a single xml file that held all the mappings and 
> could be passed in at runtime. As requirements changed on me, I didn't 
> end up needing to really use it, but I had the basic idea implemented. 
>   You are welcome to use the code below as is or take some ideas from 
> it (it could probably still use a little cleaning up in the caching of 
> mappings and registering of beans).   There is a test case attached as 
> well that should show you how to use it.

this is a good solution to a niggling worry: it's not just one mapping 
file that needs to be switched out but a complete set. i'd been 
considering a betwixt source strategy which locate input sources on a 
per class basis but that's more than a little clunky. this solution is 
much better :)

i've a taken a look and had a think. it would be more flexible if the 
loading didn't flush the registry. a typical use case is to share one 
introspector per binding configuration and preload the registry's 
cache. without the flush, earlier registrations would (by default) 
override later ones. this would provide an easy method for a class or 
two (for example, in a bulk mapping) to be overridden.

i think that i'll add methods to the XMLIntrospector that will allow a 
input source to be provided for a single class and also an 
multiple-class input source in the new extended dot betwixt syntax.

> Robert, as always you are welcome to commit all or any pieces of the 
> code that you think would be useful for betwixt.

cool :)

BTW brian, you've been helping to develop betwixt for quite a while 
now. if you do fancy stepping up to the next level on betwixt (from 
developer to committer), let me know and i'll start the wheels in 
motion. of course, i understand if you're happy as you are.

- robert

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