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From Martin Cooper <>
Subject Re: [FileUpload] new user, querying functionality? commons-fileupload
Date Tue, 24 Aug 2004 21:47:45 GMT
On Mon, 23 Aug 2004 12:30:12 +0100,
<> wrote:
> I'm trying to find out if commons-fileupload does what I think...
> Please note I'm very much a newbie in this field. I've created
> one tiny app using tomcat, and my java skills are very modest.
> My needs:
> Outline: A production archive application, either
> a)A client uploads a small number of files to the server.
> b)A client searches the archive metadata for a file(s), then
>  downloads.
> Detail: Webpage (tomcat).
> User logs in, and is checked out (mysql).
> User enters required metadata, then selects files.
> Action required is for the client to transfer a number of
> files up to the server, which will then store them away .
> 1. Does this package do the 'file chooser' task, whereby the client
> selects the file list for upload? Or is jscript needed for this?

Neither. Your browser takes care of this.

> 2. The documentation seems clear on handling the files once
> on the server.

Good! :-)

> 3. The files uploaded could collectively be up to a couple of megs,
> which seems boundary condition from what I've read so far.
> Is there any special processing/configuration needed to handle this?

The limits are configurable. See the User Guide on the FileUpload web
site for how to control this.

> 4. Since rfc1867 impacts HTML attributes, what level of
> support/rejection can I expect in windows browsers /
> is any support needed? More generally, are there
> any problems in this area?

Any even remotely modern Windows browser should be able to handle this
without problems. There are known issues with the current version of
FileUpload on specific versions of IE on Mac (which submits forms that
don't conform to the RFC), and with running on zOS (which uses EBCDIC
encoding), but on Windows you should be fine.

> 5. Are there any security implications of picking files on a user machine?

Some browsers will submit the full path and file name when the form is
submitted, while others submit only the base file name. The former has
some security risk associated with it, since it exposes the disk
structure of the client to the server. However, you don't have any
control over what is sent, beyond choosing an appropriate browser in
the first place.

Martin Cooper

> Any help appreciated.
> Regards DaveP.
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