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From "Michael D. Hirsch" <>
Subject Ftp connections timing out
Date Mon, 30 Aug 2004 19:30:19 GMT
I'm using commons-vfs to implement a file transport.  As a simple
example, suppose I try to put a file names foo.xml onto a remote ftp
server once an hour.  I have a single long running application (jboss)
which once an hour moves the file with commons-vfs-1.0.  

The first time it runs, if succeeds.  The next time it runs it fails.

What appears to be going on is that the vfs does not close the ftp
connection after the first ftp put.  A few minutes later, the ftp server
times out and closes the connection, but vfs doesn't seem to notice. 
The next time into the code, the same (close) connection is used but
since the ftp server has closed that connection it fails (and vfs
returns a with a bogus error message).

What is the proper way to do this?  I feel like I must be mising
something obvious.



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