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From Simon Kitching <>
Subject Re: [collections] WeakReference at CursorableLinkedList
Date Wed, 18 Aug 2004 02:52:15 GMT
On Wed, 2004-08-18 at 12:11, Koji Sekiguchi wrote:
> In CursorableLinkedList class javadoc, it says
> "Closing the cursor is optional because references are held via a
> WeakReference."
> I cannot understand what advantage is by having WeakReference to hold
> cursor references from applications perspective? Although the javadoc
> says about backwards compatibility and application may be able to close
> the cursor, I think the class can just provide NOP close method for
> backwards
> compatibility (without WeakReference).

Hi Koji,

The issue is that:

(a) CursorableLinkedList implements the standard List interface. It
should be possible for code to access an instance of List without caring
whether it is a "normal" LinkedList or a CursorableLinkedList. But
without the weak reference implementation, there is a significant
difference: when the List object is actually a CursorableLinkedList, the
object returned by the listIterator() function must be cast to Cursor
then closed to avoid memory leaks. This essentially makes it impossible
to replace a List object with a CursorableLinkedList object.

(b) Cursor implements ListIterator. But if you pass it off to a method
that expects a normal ListIterator, that method will not call close() on
it at end, and so a memory leak will occur.

The comment about backwards compatibility is simply to point out why
there is a getCursor() method at all, when the listIterator() method
also returns a Cursor object, and is defined in the standard List API.
There really isn't any need for a getCursor() method at all now, but in
earlier implementations without the WeakReference implementation you
*did* have to explicitly close the cursor to avoid memory leaks - and
therefore had major problems with situations like (a) and (b) above. So
it was easier to use a getCursor method that returned the real type than
a listIterator method where you always had to cast the result.



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