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From "John Ferron" <>
Subject VALIDATOR commons dynamic referencing in XML
Date Wed, 21 Jul 2004 20:34:52 GMT

I am working on a SWT/GUI (non-web based) application and I am looking
into using Validator for validation.  In looking into the examples and
source code, I noticed how you reference the actual values in the
      <form    name="nameForm">
         <field    property="firstName"  depends="required">
         	     <arg0 key="nameForm.firstname.displayname"/>
         <field    property="lastName"
         	     <arg0 key="nameForm.lastname.displayname"/>

or this example.
<field property="age" depends="isInt, checkRange">
     <arg0 key="nameForm.age" />

One example is from the source found on the jakarta web site for the
commons validator zip file.  The bottom one is from a book from Apress
Publishing talking about using the Commons Validator.  What I would like
to do instead of hardcoding the value in the xml document, I want to
point to a JavaBean object and call a getMethod like getCurrentMax() and
check to see if it is within an absoluteMin and Max value.  I'm
wondering if this can be done.  Thanks.


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