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From Henri Yandell <>
Subject ApacheCon talks
Date Thu, 08 Jul 2004 22:00:21 GMT

I'm pondering the idea of giving one/two talks at the ApacheCon in

The two talks I'm considering are:

1) A year of Commons.

  An auditing of 12 months of Jakarta Commons, detailing what has happened
in terms of releases (and what the reasons/changes were), promotions, and
committer issues. I think this will be useful as it provides a single way
in which users can keep up to date on the state of Commons. Due to its
nature, Commons is targetted at Java projects both inside and outside of
Apache, so seems like a lot could be interested in it.

  Commons is however just a set of libraries, so it might not be sexy
enough to create interest. This would be a 3 hour presentation (1, 3 and 6
are the options), as it seems that's the right length of time to try and
fit the content in.

2) The state of the sandbox.

  A description of the current state of the Jakarta Commons Sandbox. This
would describe some of the components within the sandbox and provide
examples of using them. I would almost definitely choose those components
which seem closest to promotion.

  It a) helps get users, but b) will help to let people know about the
components that just need a bit of support to get them promoted. ie)
email. This would be a 1 hour talk, as that seems to be a nice contrast to
talk 1) and will help me judge interest levels.


Now, I've only ever been to a few conferences so far in my life, and not
to ApacheCon, so wanted to see what people on this list felt about the
ideas. Worth it?


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