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From "Rafael U. C. Afonso" <>
Subject [DBUtils] SQL Server null - Not implemented (type is java.sql.Types.OTHER)
Date Mon, 05 Jul 2004 15:10:22 GMT

I had a problem like related by Henri
Yandell (see,
but instead use Oracle I am using SQL
Server. When I try insert a Null
parameter in a Insert Query I get this
message: "Not implemented (type is
java.sql.Types.OTHER)". I am using
jTds driver, but MS official driver
has the same problem (But does not
explain about Types.Other). 
I read original Source of jTds and I
see that this message above is thrown
from a method called
createParameterMapping() from
ParameterUtils class. I don't
understand why they made this, but
anyway it is a problem from driver,
not form QueryRunner.
My solution was create a QueryRunner
subclass, where I overridden
fillStatement() method like this:

            if (params == null) {

            for(int i = 0; i <
params.length; i++) {
                stmt.setObject(i + 1,

I don't verify if current parameter is
null or not. And this works.
What do you think?


Rafael Ubiratam Clemente Afonso
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