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From "Jennifer Yip" <>
Subject Multi Dimension Arrays
Date Thu, 22 Jul 2004 08:42:21 GMT
Hi guys just started using cocoon this morning and one area I need to focus
is JXPath expression.

Need your newbie help - sorry to be a pain.

Ok I have a class wrapped around a 2d Array

	public static class ArrayTest {

		String ts[][] = { { "ABC", "DEF" },
		                       { "GHI", "JKL" }

                                String[][] getFieldItems() {
                                    return ts;


in the jxpath expression I use something like

		JXPathContext arrayContext = JXPathContext.newContext(new ArrayTest());
		Object item = arrayContext.getValue("fieldItems[1]");

This returns from the node-set an array of 2 objects

Q: How do I write this to access just the one element

ie ts[i][j] example on JXPath site is for 1d int array

really appreciated


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