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From "Fabio Cuomo" <>
Subject Problem with FTP transfer image...Please Help me
Date Thu, 01 Jul 2004 13:34:07 GMT
Hi at all,
I've have a problem with FTP Transfer image. Problem involves when, after 
connect to remote ftp server and do a right login, i try to send a local 
file (an image file, .jpg, .gif, ,png, etc) to remote ftp server. Transfer 
happens but the content of transferred file is corrupt, or rather i see my 
remote image as corrupt image, remote image size is less than original image 
Here i attach my piece of code:

	try {
		if(!ftp.login(user, password)) {
	               InputStream in = new FileInputStream(current);
	} catch (Exception e) {}

In this example i use windows ftp server.
i can't understand error, i tried to upload a plain text file and all is 
correct, but when i try to upload image file i get a corrupt image file on 
remote server.
Please help me, i'm in trouble.

Tnx in advance
regards mulp

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