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From Paul Libbrecht <>
Subject Re: [jelly]Tags in strings
Date Tue, 06 Jul 2004 08:00:36 GMT
Well, this seems to be a bug but after thinking of it, it's not one !

<j:set var="blop">My XML Content</j:set>

will load the content "My XML Content" as XML... if you want the string 
"<" in there, it has to be passed as &lt; (otherwise it couldn't pass 
the "<" of the tags).

Here's two ways to do what you probably want:

<j:set var="help.browser.error.message"
	value="&lt;html&gt;This is just a 

<j:set var="help.browser.error.message"><html>This is just a 
<i>simple</i> test.</html></j:set>

But be careful if running this from maven, the parser might bite you: 
any ant or werkz tag can be written in the no-namespace world. WHich 
means that you can't safely input "<jar>" as part of that.

Maybe, to suit your needs, you would wish something like the very dirty 
"disable-output-escaping" attribute of XSLT... you'll need to file a 
feature request, hopefully with a patch.


Le 3-Jul-04, à 21:40 Uhr, Peter Nabbefeld a écrit :
> I've tried the following:
>         <j:invokeStatic className="javax.swing.JOptionPane" 
> method="showMessageDialog">
>           <j:arg type="java.awt.Component"/>
>           <j:set var="help.browser.error.message"><![CDATA[<html>This

> is just a <i>simple</i>test.</html>]]></j:set>
>           <j:arg type="java.lang.Object" 
> value="${help.browser.error.message}"/>
>         </j:invokeStatic>
> I've got all the tags escaped ("&lt;html&gt; ...") - why?
> Kind regards
> Peter Nabbefeld
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