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From Kristofer Eriksson <>
Subject [Jelly] core:parse tag error
Date Sat, 31 Jul 2004 21:15:09 GMT
Hi all,


I have been searching the archive for further information on below topic,
the core:parse tag and 


Script script = getJellyParser().getScript();" 


returning null, which then of course causes a null pointer exception.


Having exactly the same problem. Would appreciate any help or clues on this


Kind regards



Kristofer Eriksson


This started out being a user question but it might also need to go into the
dev list.  




I'm trying to use the core:parse tag and am running into problems.

First off, it always seems to generate an NPE when putting content in
through a variable.  The script instance in doTag always fails at this





Script script = getJellyParser().getScript();  //    script comes back





Second, the way element body content is handled also generates an NPE in the
XMLOutput class.  The contentHandler in this case never seems to get set in
the XMLOutput instance used in the parseBody method.  I changed the code to
use the contentHandler assigned in the line previous to this in the
parseBody method and it seems to work although not as I had

completely expected.   Should the contents of the parse body be

evaluated like any body content would normally and then be parsed/evaluated
once more beyond that?  This would be more in line with how parse works with
data that is contained within the text attribute of the parse tag.  




Assuming that I haven't missed something then I've already fixed the first
case for my own purposes and I'm more than willing to fix the other as well
and then submit them to a committer to push into the code base but I'm
unfamiliar with the correct protocol to follow for this.

Could some one let me know how I should proceed?










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