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From Chris Lamothe <>
Subject Re: Commons configuration questions
Date Mon, 26 Jul 2004 16:51:20 GMT
Hi Mauro.

I'm probably in the same boat as you.  This is what I've ascertained for myself:

> - Is there a stable release version of Configuration?
I honestly don't think there is.  Although it is supposed to be beyond
version 1.3 at this point, they do not list binaries on the Jakarta
downloads page.
> - Is possible to get binary packet of Configuration??
Not from the Jakarta site, you are forced to doing your own build from
the nightly build...and there are flaws in the build script (if those
flaws still exist you can download a corrected build.xml that i put up
at ).

I have also found binaries available from  

Notice how all the jars appear to be dev/snapshots.  

Unfortunately I can't answer your last two questions.  Because I was
on a strict time line and because the stuff I saw appeared more alpha
than beta (this isn't meant as a slight to anyone) I was forced to put
aside using commons-configuration for the time being.

If you get some more/better answers than me I'd love to hear from you.

Christopher Lamothe

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