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From Chris Lamothe <>
Subject Re: [Configuration] - Binaries not available to download?
Date Tue, 13 Jul 2004 13:53:49 GMT
> Unfortunately, with the build.xml that is currently checked
> in, I get compile errors trying to find the class
> "", so the build fails.

I figured that part out.  is not available in
Collections 2.1.x, and only shows up in 3.0

By modifying line 183 of build.xml to use 3.1 instead of 2.1 I no
longer got the above error, and instead got 27 errors that seem to be
tied to not being able to resolve the following:

import org.codehaus.spice.jndikit.DefaultNameParser;
import org.codehaus.spice.jndikit.DefaultNamespace;
import org.codehaus.spice.jndikit.memory.MemoryContext;
import junitx.framework.ObjectAssert;

So I added the following lines to <target name="get-deps">:
    <get dest="${libdir}/spice-jndikit-1.1.jar" usetimestamp="true"
    <get dest="${libdir}/junit-addons-1.4.jar" usetimestamp="true"

And that seems to have resolved all compile issues.  As you can see I
made sure to use for the gets.  I've
made a copy of the build.xml available at

I'd like to submit it to the project but this is the first time I
contribute to an open source project, so am unfamiliar with the
process.  Currently I'm in the midst of subscribing to the developer
list and will submit it as a patch there.

Christopher Lamothe

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