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From "Derek B. Greer" <>
Subject [configuration]: commons-configuration-1.0-dev-3 causing Tomcat 5 deploy problems
Date Thu, 29 Jul 2004 16:07:58 GMT
Hey Eric.  I'm not sure where I got version 1.0-dev-3, but I just 
discovered that it seemed to be causing problems with my Tomcat 
auto-deploys.  Everytime I would reinstall my app's war, Tomcat would 
fail because it couldn't remove the commons-configuration-1.0-dev-3.jar 
file.  I grabbed commons-configuration-1.0-dev-3.20030607.194155.jar and 
that seems to have fixed the problem, but I still need to do a little 
more testing to be sure.  Can you verify that something has been 
corrected in commons-configuration-1.0-dev-3.20030607.194155.jar verses 
commons-configuration-1.0-dev-3.jar?  I was also wondering about the 
significant size difference in the jars.   The 
commons-configuration-1.0-dev-3.jar is 87848 bytes and the 
commons-configuration-1.0-dev-3.20030607.194155.jar is 40099.  Thanks 
for any information you can provide.


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