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From Dirk Verbeeck <>
Subject Re: Pool: GenericObjectPool evict
Date Sun, 25 Jul 2004 20:49:18 GMT
I would like to keep the current behaviour and add a new 
parameter/option for the new feature/behaviour.

softMinEvictableIdleTimeMillis: The minimum amount of time an object 
may sit idle in the pool before it is eligable for eviction by the 
idle object evictor (if any), with the extra condition that at least 
"minIdle" amount of object remain in the pool.

This way you can do both, a soft and a hard idle timeout.
(and be backwards compatible with the current behaviour)

A fix/patch is appriciated. You can send it here or on the commons-dev 
mailing list to discuss. Final version is best attached to a bugzilla 
issue. If you also provide a testcase then the patch will go in faster.


David Rosenstark wrote:
> I can submit the fix, but am a bit new to this. send it to the list?
> What we did was add a check in evict that the min number has not been
> violated.
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Dirk Verbeeck" <>
> To: "Jakarta Commons Users List" <>
> Sent: Thursday, July 22, 2004 9:25 PM
> Subject: Re: Pool: GenericObjectPool evict
>>The feature you describe is currently not available.
>>The evic thread currently has currently 3 functions:
>>- remove invalid objects (failing validation test)
>>- remove old objects (to prevent timeouts)
>>- ensure minimum capacity
>>You ask for something new. Slowly reduce the number of objects until
>>the minimum is reached. This can be usefull in some cases, I imagine...
>>A note on the pool wiki or a bugzilla enhancement issue will make sure
>>we remember this. A patch will help even more ;-)
>>-- Dirk
>>David Rosenstark wrote:
>>>We have a question about the implementation of the genericobjectpool.
>>>How can we configure the pool to allows us to grow beyond the min number
>>>defined and only remove down to the min number and not past when idle?
> The
>>>code of evict wipes out all the objects and creates new objects (up to
> the
>>>min defined) when they have been idle as opposed to just destroying all
> the
>>>objects above the minimum.

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