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From Kedar Panse <>
Subject {HttpClient} Invalid URI pickle
Date Fri, 23 Jul 2004 03:28:28 GMT
I am in pickle here.  I am trying to submit a post request to a URI 
which contains invalid uri characters IE/Netscape/firefox handles this 

I get exception:

Invalid uri '/loginserves/MYapp-{16FDC94F-736C-1DD1-8347-080020D8FE35}'

Now even if I replace { } with %7B and %7D and try to submit it, HTTPclient

sends request but encodes it again , meaning % is converted to %25

so  /loginserves/MYapp-%7B16FDC94F-736C-1DD1-8347-080020D8FE35%7D
 becomes %257B16FDC94F-736C-1DD1-8347-080020D8FE35%257D

before it posts the data

and messes up the server.

I wonder if methodbase should have constructor with URI as argument 
where I can specify if its escaped already??

In the mean while any suggestions?



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