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From Ronald Dauster <>
Subject Re: [DBUtils] Setting NULL values [was: SQL Server null]
Date Thu, 08 Jul 2004 14:01:33 GMT
David Graham wrote:

>Thanks for the testing!  Which of the 4 columns did you try to insert null
All three simultaneously, but for Oracle I've also tried individual columns

>In my testing, Oracle worked with INTEGER but maybe it was a
The problem is with the DATE column, probably because there's no 
conversion from INTEGER
to DATE. The error is ORA-00932 and it's the 
PreparedStatement.executeUpdate that fails
(in contrast to Types.OTHER, where the PreparesStatement.setNull throws 
an exception).

 Types.INTEGER works for VARCHAR2 and NUMBER columns.

Driver and database are both version

>different driver version.  It looks like we'll have to babysit Oracle and
>use VARCHAR.  Please let us know the results of SQL Server and Oracle 10.

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