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From Ronald Dauster <>
Subject Re: [DBUtils] Setting NULL values [was: SQL Server null]
Date Thu, 08 Jul 2004 09:10:53 GMT
As promised, I have tested different strategies for passing null values to
different databases.  Although I still have MS SQL Sever and Oracle 10
on my list, I can already offser some results:

I have testet 6 different strategies:
1. PreparedStatement.setObject(col, null)
    (as proposed in this thread)
2. setNull(col, Types.VARCHAR)
3. setNull(col, Types.INTEGER);
4. setNull(col, Types.OTHER)
    (the current strategy of dbutils)
5. setNull(col, Types.NULL)
6. setNull(col, exact type)
    (where the type has been determined by performing a query and
    using the ResultSetMetaData)

I ran the tests agains the following databases

Firebird 1.5/firebirdsql 1.5RC3
Oracle 9/ Thin driver
MySQL 4.0/Msql Connecttor 3.0 and mm.mysql 2.0.4
MaxDB 7.5
HSQLDB 1.7.1
MS Access/ODBC Brdge

and got the following results:
MySQL, MaxDB, Firebird and HSQLDB work with every strategy
Access fails with 1, 4, and 5
Oracle fails with 1, 3,  4, 5, and, surprisingly, 6

Strategry 2 (Types.VARCHAR) is the only one that worked in all cases.

The test consists of an insert of one row into a table with four columns
 - a varchar used as key (receiving a non-null value)
 - a small varchar/varchar2 in Oracle
 - an integer/unconstraint number in Oracle
 - a timestamp/date in Oracle

The Testprogram, scripts and complete results are available upon request.


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