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From Ronald Dauster <>
Subject Re: [DBUtils] SQL Server null - Not implemented (type is java.sql.Types.OTHER)
Date Mon, 05 Jul 2004 22:47:15 GMT
David Graham wrote:

>--- Ronald Dauster <> wrote:
>>As an alternative to trying to guess the correct type, there could be 
>>typed null-values
>>that can optionally be used by a client of QueryRunner.  Something along
>>the lines
>>public class Nulls {
>>    public static final Nulls VARCHAR  = new Nulls(Types.VARCHAR);
>>    ....
>>    public int getType() {...}
>>and in fillStatement
>>if (params[i] instanceof Nulls) {
>>    setNull(i+1, ((Nulls) param[i]).getType());
>>} else if (params[i] != null) {
>>    setObject
>>} else {
>>    setNull
>I'm not sure we need an enum Nulls class to wrap Types.* constants.  IMO,
The purpose of the enum is to be used as element of the params array 
which needs Objects and
Types.VARCHAR ist an int. But I agree that it is a rather cumbersome to 
use and not exactly in
the spirit of dbutils.

>it would be more straightforward to have a QueryRunner.setNullType(int)
>method where you could pass in Types.VARCHAR.  QueryRunner.fillStatement()
>would then use your type instead of Types.OTHER.  
Good enough, if the dbutils client _knows_ which dataabase it is working 
with. Not so good, if the
Datasource is externally configured.

In addition, the class is documented to be thread-safe _and_ can be used 
with different connections.
Adding state to the class with setNullType  will create a race condition 
in the (admittely contrived)
case where one instance of QueryRunner is used with Connections to 
databases that require
different null types.

>FYI, Oracle's driver doesn't work with Types.OTHER either but it accepted
>every other type I tried (INTEGER, VARCHAR, etc).
I need to do a few portability tests against several DBMS anyway and 
could add that to my list
(i. e. wich type works), but not before next week and definitely not 
agains DB2 or Postgres.
If someone can fill the gaps, maybe we find a type that works on all 
major databases.


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