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From Peter Nabbefeld <>
Subject Re: [Net]Super newsbie question about sourcecode
Date Sat, 03 Jul 2004 18:21:37 GMT
Koon Yue Lam schrieb:

>Hi, I have download the sourcecode of common-net and I want to modify
>something. Becasue te orignal character encoding of InputStreamReader
>in class NNTP is default and final to ISO-8859, which result in can't
>read unicode character.
>I want to change the default character ending to unicode but the
>sourcecode is readonly in my Eclipse 3.0.
If You checkout code from CVS as anonymous user, it is always read-only. 
This makes normally sense, as You cannot commit it to the CVS. If You 
want to make Your *private* changes, You can normally remove the 
write-protection. In windows, You'd normally to do it once for all files 
in each directory seperately (as the directories are not read-only). 
Make the root read-only and apply. Then change the attribute to 
read-write for the whole structure. After this step You'll be able to 
edit the files.

> How can I modify the
>sourcecode? I have also download the KEY file but I don't know where
>to use it
>Any help??
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