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From "Daniel F. Savarese" <>
Subject Re: [NET] FTPClient - setDefaultTimeout() and setSoTimeout()
Date Fri, 30 Jul 2004 17:18:46 GMT

In message <>, "Knepp, 
Ethan" writes:
>I am trying to set the connect timeout in the FTPClient.  Going by the
>Javadocs for FTPClient and FTP, it seems that I want to call the
>setDefaultTimeout(int timeout) just after instanciating a new FTPClient(),
>but before calling connect(server), shown below.

setDefaultTimeout does not set the connect timeout.  It provides a default
socket timeout.  Only in J2SE 1.4 was the ability to specify a timeout
on connect added to the Socket API.  Since Commons Net 1.2.x has a
J2SE 1.2 compatibility requirement, the ability to specify a connect
timeout is not included.  The way to workaround this is to implement your
own SocketFactory and set it with SocketClient.setSocketFactory (FTPClient is
a subclass of SocketClient).  When you implement the SocketFactory, add
a setConnectTimeout method or some such.  Inside of the createSocket
methods, use the J2SE 1.4 connect method with the timeout.  We could actually
provide socket factory that subclasses DefaultSocketFactory to do this without
breaking backward compatibility, but that would have to be discussed further.
The way to do it is to compile it only if J2SE >= 1.4 is being used.
SocketClient could check for availability of the J2SE 1.4 connect method and
instantiate the J2SE >= 1.4 factory if available (using Class.forName and
newInstance).  The setDefaultTimeout could then be changed to also set the
connect timeout in the new factory if being used.  If users want this
functionality enough, the best chance of getting it implemented soon is
to submit a patch.


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